PEAK CORPORATION is a specialized manufacturer of car lifts, including 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, scissors lifts and portable lifts.Our factory & office located in Foshan (adjacent to Guangzhou, China), it has over 10 years' experience in design, manufacture and global distribution of an extensive line of quality automotive lifts.PEAK designs products for today's demanding markets. Some technical innovations include super-symmetric systems (2 in 1 arms), single-point safety release systems (two locks, one release), 2-dual synchronous cylinders, hydraulic lock scissors lifts and other products.At PEAK, we pay strict attention to product design, manufacture, test and after-sales support. All the components are designed and manufactured conforming to ANSI standards and the latest TUV/CE standards. Lift components are researched to be the best available, including NOK (Japan) cylinder seals, SPX power plants (complying with UL, CN and CE standards), the highest quality self-lubricating sliding blocks and others.PEAK employs certified welders and professional engineers to follow a strict quality control process to meet clients' requirements.Each PEAK lift is designed for customers who pursue products with competitive price and good quality. Consequently, it's no surprise that PEAK lifts continue to experience rapid growth. We've gained acceptance by international customers.

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